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You can see what I have to say on this subject within the confines of this website HERE.

This is such a detailed topic, I have started a separate site called Hot Dog! Money Online to deal with this subject. Check it out.

I recently Affiliate Summit West in January of 2011. I have had success with my sites, but I felt I didn't have the technical know how for the "back end" to take it to the next level. I entered Shoemoney's Crazy Affiliate Summit contest. I didn't win, but I became acquainted with the winner- Vinay. He's a 25 year old computer wiz kid who has more knowledge about internet marketing in his pinkie than I have in my whole body; he was doing IT consulting for Fortune 500 companies at age 16 fercryinoutloud!

Long story short, he introduced me to his training course, Free Traffic Wiz, and I was blown away. There are hours of instructional videos, presented in a "PowerPoint" style, that will help the beginning or intermediate blogger or internet marketer increase their traffic. More traffic means more readers and, if you are selling stuff on your sites, more money. The best part about Free Traffic Wiz is IT'S FREE!

If you want more traffic to your site, check out Free Traffic Wiz.

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