The Hot Dog Truck has over 1000 pages! Finding what you want has been difficult in the past, so I am including a site navigation helper to help visitors to the Hot Dog Truck find their way around easier. If you are truly adventurous, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on one of the labels. Otherwise, follow the links below to help find your way around.

A lot of people first visited the Hot Dog Truck site to learn How to Start a Hot Dog Business. So many, in fact, that I started a website called How to Start a Hot Dog Business! If you have dreamed of Your Own Hot Dog Business, click here.

Have a question? Go to the Hotdogman's Network Forum

What made the Hot Dog Truck great was I served THE BEST HOT DOGS to THE BEST CUSTOMERS!

What's a day without a good laugh? Click Here for HUMOR.

There are lots of old TV COMMERCIALS and vintage DRIVE-IN INTERMISSION FILMS

There are lots of PHOTOS and PICTURES and VIDEOS (yeah, I know some of them aren't displaying-I'm working on it)

Read about my escapades as a Little League Coach in my Local Little League

I like my dogs All Around 

I also like LOBSTER, Florida, Boston, Las Vegas, Maine and Led Zeppelin


As a former season ticket holder to the Boston Red Sox, I have a lot of Fenway Flashbacks

I have strong feelings about Ketchup on a Hot Dog. See all the Ketchup pages here, including Clint Eastwood's thoughts about Ketchup on a Hot Dog 

Read about and View pictures of MY BEST CUSTOMER, Jeff

I am happily married, and silly stories about my wife can be found HERE

Christmas is my favorite Holiday

If you're feeling religious CLICK HERE AND HERE AND HERE

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Have you ever played the Punch Buggy Game? If you have, check out the Official Rules to the Punch Buggy Game. Check 'em out even if you've never played before, it's a classic road trip game for your summer travels!