'snow problem

Happy Valentines Day, I suppose. What a ridiculous "holiday," yet another day manufactured by Madison Avenue and Hallmark to stimulate retail commerce and generate guilt amongst husbands everywhere.

But I digress.

Today marks the first significant snowfall in these parts of the winter of 2006-07. It is also the first nonscheduled dogless day of the year at the Hot Dog Truck. People just don't buy hot dogs when they ought to be shoveling. I opened during a snow storm last year and sold six hot dogs all day-4 to the guys plowing the lot and two to a regular who stopped out of pity initially (he soon started telling me how foolish I was to be open on such a day). Selling six hot dogs doesn't even pay for the propane for the day, so now my rule is when the kids don't have school, the world doesn't have hot dogs. So instead of slinging dogs, I'll be shovelling, playing with my 2 year old, fiddling on the internet and cooking a nice pork tenderloin dinner for the troops.

The snow is a bit icy, so snowman duty is not an issue today. My 9 year old is having a friend over after lunch for some sledding in the woods behind the house. I see hot cocoa in the near future.

The TV weathermen are having a field day. This is the first chance for them to dominate the local TV news broadcasts and they're going all out; its their SuperBowl. There was 12 minutes of weather related coverage on the 11 o'clock news last night. I am often times insulted by the content of these newscasts: "be careful while driving, take extra time for your commute etc." NO KIDDING, do they think we're all morons?

We've been lucky with the snow this year so far- December and January were unseasonably warm with several days in the 50's and 60's and one day in January topping 75 degrees! The weather didn't get seasonably cold until February rolled around. When you think about it, this year's winter was shortened by 2 to 2 1/2 months. That means only about 6 weeks of winter-not bad.

Very soon the seasonal outdoor workers and picnic table crowd will be returning and business will really pick up. In the mean time the daily struggle with the winter elements will continue.

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