The Weather is Everything

The thermometer topped 50 today and the pent up demand for Harv's famous dogs was evident-twas a busy day.

Everybody's got some thing to say about Tom Brady-I must've told that joke about 20 times today. Its school vacation week so my daughter is coming to "help" at the truck tomorrow-I let the kids keep the donations to the Hot Dog Truck Operator's Relief Fund (my tip bucket) when they come to "help" me.

I had a bunch of the hardcore "old school" regulars stop by today. Old schoolers had to have eaten at the truck before the Red Sox won the World Series and need to maintain a minimun 10 hot dog per month average for the two and a half years since. It was nice to be busy yet serve people who are wise to how to order their dogs-or whose preferences I've committed to memory. Most customers are amazed at my ability to remeber their orders-I am the Rainman Hot Dog Man! I'll see customers out and about away from the truck and I'll say "hello;" my wife asks "who was that?" I'll say "Oh, that was two with onions and spicy mustard."

People who don't know what they want on their hot dogs sometimes face my verbal wrath-I've made people go to the back of the line for not knowing what to order too! See my response to a patron who wants "everything" on his dogs.

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1 comment:

Stanton said...

Hey Rob,

I love your blog. If I ever make it to your neck of the woods I'll definitely look you up and try one of you hot dogs.

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