Can I Take a Picture of Your Hot Dogs? What do you mean I hardly know you??

I finally found the battery charger for my digital camera and I brought it to the truck. When there was no line, I would ask the patron "do you mind if I take a picture of your hotdogs?" I couldn't do this on a cold day since folks usually grab their dogs and run for their car.
Luckily, it wasn't too cold today so I had a few takers who wanted their hot dogs immortalized on the world wide web. Pictured are 2 fabulous chili dogs (left) and 2 with ketchup and onion (right). Kinda makes you hungry, doesn't it?

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Webmiztris said...

I can't believe you put ketchup on a hot dog... ;)

(just got done reading your sidebar re: ketchup on hot dogs)

I used to use ketchup on hot dogs, but then I grew up. ha!

Steve Kenul said...

Although the chili dogs aren't photogenic, I want one. Congrats to Dice-K, good outing.

hotdogman said...

The flash kind of bleached them out a bit.

Ask me about Dice-K in APRIL!

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