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Let's Hear YOUR Hot Dog Story

OK world, let's hear it. Everybody has their own special hot dog spot. It is a place where you went as a kid, a place where you go now, a place you've been to once because a friend told you "this place has the best hot dogs anywhere." For some folks, that place is the Hot Dog Truck. For many others its somewhere else (hey, its a big world-I can't feed everyone).

I want to hear about your hot dog joint, the place you go to when nothing but the best will do, the place that has that combo of personality and the quintessential hot dog.

Tell me about it, tell the world about it, leave a comment-pictures if you've got 'em- a link if the joint has a website- and make it a good story. Heck if its a really good hot dog tale, I'll make a post out of it. (Any regulars at the Hot Dog Truck who disparage my dogs will be banned when they come for lunch!)

Come on, let's hear it people.....

Here's one from a friend, check the comments for more!

A friend of mine is a helicopter salesman (hey somebody has to do it) and he recently emailed me this little tidbit with photos:

I made a business trip to Vancouver Island in British Columbia back in June, 2004. The island is mountainous and heavily forested. I had a treacherous drive through the mountains on questionable roadways full of big trucks and giant old-growth trees right up to the edge of the road. My return trip started at Port Alberni airport in the interior of the island. My destination was the ferry at Nanaimo to go back to Vancouver. Since there were no rest stops along the mountain road, I was plenty hungry and found this "Hot Dog Truck" at the ferry waiting area. Pretty slick.

My customer and his "toy" at Port Alberni.

Map of area

Mountain road driving to get to the Hot Dog Truck

Hot Dog Truck (actually, it's a trailer)

Sign at the trailer-who can argue with that?

Thanks for the story and pictures, Mike!

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Webmiztris said...

one time my husband was eating a hot dog and there was something in it. like a part of a tooth or something. god, hot dogs really are disgusting. what's worse, is we kept eating them anyway. :)

mary said...

In Montreal, in all of Quebec actually our hot dogs are known as 'steamies.' And the best of those can be found in Montreal's red light area on the main (St.Lawrence Street or Rue St. Laurent in french)..they make the best dang dogs bar none.

The joints that sell them are quickly becoming scarce as the powers that be want to spruce up that area of the downtown core. Still die hard steamie fans can be found there at any time of the day or night to get their fix. The price is right 50 cents to a buck will get you a steamed dog in top loading (New England style) hot dog bun, throw in a little more coin and get yourself some real fires. Toppings are mustard, relish, coleslaw and onion.

That's what montreal steamies are...mmmm..mmmm..good!

Great subject hot dfog man.

hotdogman said...

webmiztris- nice story...were you eating hot dogs in that cemetary when you were 16....

mary- we always stop at La Belle Provence for steamies when in Montreal!

Lady Skye Fyre said...

When we lived in Germany many years ago I remember the guy on the corner with his cart. He had a bunch of really long, really sharp heated spikes. Onto those spikes he put these really long buns. They were almost like baguettes.

A seamless hot dog roll jammed onto a heated spike. When he served you a hot dog he asked if you wanted mayonnaise or mustard (I don't think they had ketcup) and he squirted your choice of condiment down the hole of the bun. Then, he loaded in the really long hot dog. I swear they had to have been almost a foot long. But, it was really cool because you didn't get anything on your fingers. The only opening to the bun was at the end that had been jammed onto the spike. I've never seen such a thing in the US, but I'm sure it would be a terrific hit.

Actually, I just looked on the internet. Sodir makes it. You can see it here:

Erin said...

Well this is a tough one!! I'm from New Bedford, MA and spent many a day as a kid watching Yaz round the bases chomping on a Fenway Frank - but since growing to the old age of 34 I have changed my mind about a true hot dog! I lived in Rhode Island up until 2 years ago and more than life itself it seems I miss my Spikes Junkyard Dogs.

OMG - THE best hot dogs anywhere (not including yours of course). Even though I am a woman, my personal favorite is "The Lonely Guy Dog" - mustard, scallions, chopped onions, and sauteed onions. My husband used to get so mad when I ate there! They have everything from the "Sinatra Dog" (have it your way is their saying", the R.I. Grinder Dog, The junkyard dog (it even has pepperocini's!), and finally my 2nd favorite the Patriot Dog - mustard, bacon, and cheddar. You have to check it out if you haven't already - they do have one in Sommerville. Here is there link -

You absolutely MUST check out the menu - talk about delicious!!

If I'm ever back home and around that area I'll certainly come by and check to see if you can beat the Spike's dog :)

hotdogman said...

I blow Spike's AWAY! Spikes has branched out and there's talk of franchising. The rap is the new places can't touch the original one over by Brown University (YOUR Spike's)which is a classic "joint." The new places don't have the same personality and they seem to be hyping the burgers more.

I remember a place in New Bedford called YORR DOG MILL-they were open at all hours of the night and their specialty was a cheese dog with the gooiest processed cheese -you know what I'm talking about?

EC said...

OMG - I completely forgot about Your dogg mill!! I lived right down the street and used to walk over during the summer and get a hot dog for lunch with my sister. Wow, that brings back memories! We spent many a days hanging out in front on Kempton Avenue just eating our dogs. That was the one I used to go to - Over near Brown because I went to college over there, but then we now go to Branch ave (or somewhere off of that) and I think it really does taste exactly the same. But that is because it is a true dog joint like the one near Brown. I haven't tried a franchise yet - those 2 are owned by the same people. Anyhow - ahhh, thanks for the memories, I had completely forgotten about Your Dogg mill :)

EC said...

Just so you know, that previous comment made no sense. I used to hang out at YDM on Kemptom Ave, but the Spike's that I went to was near Brown and on Branch Ave in Providence.

Whew, I feel better now that I cleared that up :)

Denise said...

My mother owned a hotdog truck many years ago. She sold Sabrett hotdogs with that terrific Sabrett onion stuff. YUM.
it was a great place to hang out and meet and chat with new people.

golfwidow said...

So one day, I said to my husband, "You never take me anywhere nice to eat anymore."

He said, "What are you talking about? We just went to Olive Garden."

I said, "I'm only going to say this one more time ..."

Anyway, I shouldn't have looked the gift horse in the mouth.

He took me to Doogie's. Home of the World's Longest Hot Dog.

I ate about a quarter of it, went back to it once and tried again, but then I lost interest in it after that and the other twelve inches went to waste, because bigger is not necessarily better. However, I can now cross the longest hot dog in the world off my life-list.

I think my husband thinks this is going to get him off the hook, datewise, but I still would like to dress up and go eat where the decor does not include any signs that say, "Red Sox Fans Welcomed. Yankees Fans Tolerated."

Lucky Lady said...

When I was on chemo I craved hot dogs every day for lunch hot dog,bun,mustard not one but most of the time 6 yep lots of weight gain all better, you know it had to be the hot dogs

SandyCarlson said...

We kept our boat moored at a marina in Norwalk, Connecticut. Seems like every weekend of summer growing up we were on that boat. We'd come back wonderfully sun-burned, tired from swimming, and hungry through and through. Sometimes mom and dad would stop at Swanky Franks in Norwalk. I can't remember if it was a bus or a shack or what, but it was old and it was all about dogs on buns and no pretense. I avoid that road in Norwalk because I don't want to find out it isn't there anymore.

hotdogman said...

Don't avoid the road anymore. Swanky Franks is still there!

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

Hey, Hog Dog Guy...
Sorry 'bout your knee (remember, even Bucky Dent hit one with a bad knee)& HOPE you're back soon! All your fans are rootin' for you to hit a hot dog GRAND SLAM!
Not a baseball fan for the last 25 years having been to too many Yankee 7th game pay-off and world series games, what's left...well at least your team FINALLY won one.
The NY Grease Car Guy - you are still one of MY heroes.

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