Monday Musings

I was just thinking....

is winter really over or are the weather gods teasing us with the idea of crushing our spirit once more before spring really begins?

if the Red Sox and Yankees play a baseball game tonight that doesn't count, how many fans will care?

do blondes really have more fun?

why do people buy ice cream in the winter and coffee in the summer?

if you water your plants and they still die, is it your fault?

if men think of sex every 7 seconds, how do they get anything done?

when someone says "smoke em if ya got 'em," are they trying to hurt me?

if you give up booze for lent, will God get mad if you get really sh*tfaced on Easter Sunday?

why do some people act like they've never actually had to think about what to put on a hot dog?

how come the people who complain the loudest about how something works usually haven't read the directions?

if 2+2=4 and 4+4=8, why is 6 afraid of 7?

why do teenagers know everything except how to clean their room?

why did Ben and Jerry's sell out?

if I write "Super Bowl" on this Blog, will the NFL sue me?

if the NFL sues me, WTF would they do with a Hot Dog Truck?

when people type "lol" are they really laughing out loud?

why does neatness count?

if everyone who reads this Blog sent me a dollar,would I have $13 or $14?

how come I only get laid when my wife wants something?

why can't I get the "Green Acres" themesong out of my head?

how long will it be before the Anna Nicole Smith story is a bad movie?

if pizza tastes so good cold, why do we cook it in the first place?

has there ever been a President dumber than George Bush?

does anyone want to buy a used Chevy Suburban?

when you die, do you really get all your lost socks back in heaven?

why don't they invent beer flavored cough syrup?

who was the first guy to eat an egg and why would he want to eat something that came out of the ass end of a chicken?

can anyone tell I don't have any ideas today?

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