True Signs of Spring

Three things signal the true beginning of spring for me:

Little League tryouts
Red Sox Opening Day
The sound of the Spring Peepers in the early morning and at dusk.

The day has finally come for our Little League tryouts! They are Saturday and Sunday which means the next three months will not be my own; I will be dedicating many hours to my team with practices and games. All the snow is gone and the fields look good, its time to PLAY BALL!

The Red Sox open in Kansas City on Monday and I believe there are three day games next week-that means the Red Sox talk will be hot and heavy at the Hot Dog Truck!

I heard my first Spring peepers this morning.


Here's a couple of Kraut Dogs to hold you over until dinner:

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1 comment:

Just A Girl From L.A. said...

not a fan of that stuff, im a simple relish. katchup, mustard and chili and cheese girl....

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