Who do you call when your windshield's busted?

For those of you who live in New England, the ubiquitous jingle in my title is probably so drilled into your brain that you began singing it as you read the it! When I did this last weekend, my son started singing the song!

Today, Scott from Giant Glass came by and fixed me up good as new!

He even managed to chow down on a couple of dogs when he was done. He said he's sat in some of the company seats at Fenway Park; the owner of Giant Glass has seats right behind home plate!

The funny thing is, breaking a car window is no big deal. If more things in life were as easy and painless as getting your auto glass replaced, the world would be a much better place. All I had to do was make a phone call. The folks at Giant Glass did the rest! They take care of all the insurance paperwork, show up just about anywhere when they say they will and they do their job well; I don't even have to pay anything. No hassle at all! Thanks, and I'll be more careful next time!

Now if I could only get some seats behind home plate at Fenway.....

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