Hot Doggin the US

I like hot dogs. Its an occupational neccessity. And I like to find out more things about hot dogs whenever I get the chance. I also like the "hot dog culture." See most good hot dog joints are just that: joints. They're usually owner operated, they're usually not too fancy, they each have their own character, personality and charm. Polished, modern fast food franchise places just don't capture the true essence of an honest to God hot dog joint. When you find a "real" hot dog joint, consider yourself lucky; a lot of times they're in out of the way places. My Hot Dog Truck is one of those places.

Well now there's a website that's dedicated to finding these out of the way gems and bringing a little of the character of these joints online. Hotdoggin' in the US is a website that lists hot dog joints (including the Hot Dog Truck) all over the country. The list is large and growing larger. So if you want to find those authentic, out of the way hot dog joints, check out Hotdoggin' in the US.

The site has its flaws: they missed a couple of places in my area and they don't list Kayem Old Time Franks in their "Brands" section, but a night or two of spamming their forums will correct that! ;op

I found the site on my Bumpzee widget. Bumpzee is a cool, growing social bookmarking site where you can join communities of folks with similar interests or create your own community.

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