Soggy Sox

I wait and wait and wait all winter for the baseball season to start and what happens?

Rain. Rain is keeping my Little Leaguers off the practice field and its messing with the Major League Schedule as well. Cleveland and Seatle are going to be playing double headers for the entire month of August!

My Red Sox have missed a few games due to the weather, but they are really looking good. The starting pitching is shaping up to be everything as advertised. Schilling has been Schilling after his crappy start on opening day, Beckett is 3-0, Dice-K looks like the real deal and Wakefield is "eating up innings" while confounding opposing batters. Tavares has practically been a non factor due to the weather-he's missed a couple of starts. Papelbon continues to be the 800 pound Gorilla.

The Sox starting pitching has been excellent-the best in the AL with a 2.72 (4.06 AL average) team ERA and a .210 batting average against. Even Dice-K and Wakefield's losses were good efforts 3 and 2 runs given up respectively-the Sox just ran into better pitchers on those nights.

Toronto and New York, the biggest threats to the Sox in the AL East, are banged up. The Sox will face a Blue Jays team this week without B.J. Ryan and Troy Glauss and the Yankees are busy scouring the high schools for pitchers to patch up their battered staff.

The Sox could put some real distance between the Jays and the Yanks this week and that would be a good thing.

The best news is they can't get rained out in Toronto!

And of course......

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