Springtime Fun Days

This week has been drop dead gorgeous weather wise and the Hot Dog Truck has been hopping! I have been non stop busy from 11 AM to 1:30 PM every day.

These two ladies (kraut and gulden's mustard & mustard and relish) haven't been seen since last fall. They're regulars every Wednesday. Today was Thursday, but they've vowed to get on schedule for next week.

Here's a photo of the BOSE cafeteria whenever its nice outside.

Here's another shot of the frog in the ditch from this morning. See yesterday's post for more info.

If you look on top of the rock, you can see a garter snake looking right back at you!

And here's another on on the ground!

There weren't any snakes around this ditch last spring, I wonder how it will affect the frog population?

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1 comment:

Webmiztris said...

nice pics! I don't like snakes...poor froggies! try to get some coyote pics, OK? :)

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