Two words

Price Increase.

I will inevitably "hear it" for the next few weeks, but my "combo specials" are going up 50 cents in price.

It will now be 2 hot dogs,


& chips

for 4 bucks.

I'm doing this because my costs have crept up on me the last year or so and I need my margin back. I KNOW I could serve an inferior product, charge less and make MORE money. I'd rather serve the best though, any schmuck can make a crummy hot dog.

Plus I'm sick of dealing with quarters.

Bottom Line: Still cheap. Still delicious.

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1 comment:

Sir Jorge said...

That is a great deal. I love hot dogs, i don't care for chips, but if there's mt. is that awesome...i wish you were outside here in seattle next to my job, i'd buy 4 hot dogs stat.

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