When you see a post title like that, you'd think I've whisked off to some gorgeous, warm and sunny spot to sip umbrella drinks on a beach.

Not the case.

At about 5 AM this morning, my wife and FIVE kids hopped into the airport to catch a flight to sunny Florida. They'll be spending the April School vacation week at my folks' house swimming and fishing and going to Busch Gardens and having a general grand old time.

I will be home. Alone. Just me and the dog.

So who is really on vacation here? My wife with 5 kids (ages 2-14) in Florida or me?

I AM ON VACATION! For an entire week, I will do what I want to when I want to (except when I am at the Hot Dog Truck) without a care about baseball schedules, soccer schedules, potty training (for the 2 year old, not my wife), dinner menus, school functions, etc.

I will watch the Red Sox game every night without the standard "Isn't there any thing else on?"
I will sit around in my underwear drinking Guiness without a care.
I will fiddle on the computer without having to give it up for homework.
I will sleep an extra hour and a half per day and I'll sleep til noon on the weekends!

I will miss my wife and kids. I love them dearly.

But I WILL enjoy my vacation!

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