Brothers in Law

I have two brother-in-laws, known affectionately as "Snapperhead" and "Zipperhead." They are twins.

"Snapperhead" lives locally and is constantly at our house doing his laundry, drinking MY beer and generally just hanging out. He's between girlfriends now so we are seeing more of him. When he has a girlfriend we don't see him for months at a time-any ladies out there take note HE'S AVAILABLE. I kid him a lot but he does help with babysitting so we try to appease him without letting him get too comfortable.

"Zipperhead" is another story. He's the bohemian of the family. I've never known him to hold a steady job (until now-more on that in a bit). He basically travels the world, working a bit here and there to earn enough to get to his next stop. Every time I see him, he's got a new beauty on his arm and a ton of interesting stories. He'll magically appear at a summer barbecue then disappear for months on end. The occasional postcard is the only clue to his whereabouts. He's either the most worldly hippy on the planet or a CIA spy. All the men in our family pretty much hate him because we want to live his lifestyle!

Along the line over the past few years "Zipperhead" became a gourmet chef. He's currently working at a swanky restaurant in Hawaii, dating a gorgeous woman who breeds and brokers racehorses internationally and hitting the beautiful beaches of Hawaii every day. Now everyone in the family hates him!

This situation does have positive implications for the Hot Dog Man and his lovely bride. We now have an extra excuse to go to Hawaii and, according to my wife, free lodging and free gourmet meals. Having seen some of "Zipperhead's" past abodes, I think I might opt for something a little more luxurious, like these big island hawaii luxury homes. If I drop the dime to go to Hawaii, I want to go to Hawaii in STYLE!

Whether or not we make it to Hawaii while "Zipperhead" lives there or not, its definitely on our vacation list.

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