I am getting a new car!

Well not "new" new, but new to me.

My brother is getting a new car and asked me if I wanted his old Ford Escort. I know the Escort is kind of a wimpy ride, but the gas for my Suburban is just killing me. The Escort will get twice the gas mileage and with gas at $3.00 plus per gallon, I'll save $50 a week! Plus the price on the Escort is right: FREE!

The Suburban will be "mothballed" or sold-I haven't decided yet. If you want a gas guzzling beast of a vehicle, email me.

It could also double as a storage shed!

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1 comment:

Webmiztris said...

my last car as an Escort (actually a ZX2) is the new version of the Escort. I loved it!

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