Parenting Teens

As you know I have five kids. I have one teenager now and will eventually have FOUR at the same time!

I am studying for my Master's Degree in Education and I will eventually be teaching teens, so I try to figure out as much about them as possible. I am fortunate to have experience coaching (younger)teens and I have a good rapport with them.

It is not always so easy with your own. The natural rebelliousness of teenagers can often times turn the parent/child relationship into an adversarial one. It is important for parents to be aware of what your kids are involved in, who their friends are and where they are at all times. Too many tragedies occur to teens who don't have the proper guidance, discipline and adult role models.

Unfortunately, even the most well intentioned parents can lose control. Teens can suffer from a variety of problems regardless of the quality of the parents. Finding good resources to help you in dealing with your teen is important, especially if you are the parent of a troubled teen. Parenting Teens is a great website with all sorts of resources for parents of troubled teens. Even if your teenager is well adjusted and "normal" its a good idea to flip through this site so you can recognize warning signs of trouble.
For parents who are losing control of their teen, there is a pretty extensive behavior modification program for troubled teens.

While no one source can offer all the answers for raising teens, a site like Parenting Teens is a good resource to have in your "library."

If you are the parent of a troubled teen, check the site out or give them a call.

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