Big Fan

Since I have a cathedral ceiling in my living room, my wife and I have been thinking of getting a ceiling fan. They really do a nice job of keeping the house cool and I am not a big fan of central air conditioning. Ceiling fans always remind me of the movie Casablanca for some reason. While they aren't what you'd call "elegant," I'll settle for the comfort they provide.

I had ceiling fans in my first house. Too bad the grasping, money grubbing bitch (that would be my ex-wife) got that house! I remember when we moved in there was an ancient Nutone Ceiling Fan in the den. It was so old but it still worked. We replaced it because it just didn't look right after we remodelled and repainted. We replaced it with a Modern Fan Company fan because we liked the modern look. My friend got it for us wholesale since his company was a stocking distributor at the time.

I put the ceiling fan up at my old house, but my zeal for "do it yourself" projects has waned as the years have passed, so I'll probably call someone in to hang the ceiling fans this time.

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