California Doggin'

Fans of the Hot Dog Truck are probably familiar with Jeff from Horizon Technology. He touts the delicacies served at the Hot Dog Truck to everyone in his company which has offices in Framingham and Lake Forest, California. Someone even googled "Jeff's Hot Dogs" in California lately.

So on Thursday Jeff shows up with Jared from the Lake Forest office. He's buying too-big spender! Since Jared was with him, I didn't need to dole out home improvement advice to Jeff. Jeff is a terrific Hot Dog ambassador and guided Jared through the intricate process of ordering two hot dogs, soda and a bag of chips. He then posed for a picture with the erstwhile Jared.

After I instructed Jeff not to be so gay while posing for pictures, he managed to peel himself away from Jared for another picture.

Kinda looks like Hot Dog Truck version of the "before" and "after" picture of Subway's famous Jared!

Once Jared and Jeff retreat to the beautiful garden patio dining area, Hans shows up!

No, not that Hans....

Here's Hans joining the happy Horizon crew in the dining room. The rest of you Horizon Technology folks ought to stop by the Hot Dog Truck for a truly visceral dining experience!

Hans showed up in a SWEET Mustang.

So much for German engineering!

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Anonymous said...


Joel Snyder said...

Nice post! I really enjoyed it.

Webmiztris said...

Now I'm jonesing for a hot dog. Must be lunchtime. ;)

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