Fired from the CIA?

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Michael Weston, a CIA Operative on USA Network's Burn Notice actually gets fired from the CIA!

How does this happen you may ask? Was he too intelligent?

The CIA has always been associated with intrigue, spy games and all sorts of myths about how undercover operations work. Unless you really worked there, you have no way of knowing how the agency operates.

I've got to believe its like working anywhere else. The boss is probably an arrogant jerk, there are bound to be office politics and romance. From time to time the work gets boring too.

So how does Michael get fired?

My guess is he is a spy working in some undercover operation in a foreign land. While investigating bad guys, he discovers a direct link to high ranking US government officials who are in cahoots with the bad guys. He discovers that our own government is working with the enemy and when he informs his superiors, they fire him to keep him quiet.

Another theory is that Michael is a bumbling boob who messes up everything he gets involved with. The CIA becomes a modern day "F Troop" with Michael as the Captain. Since he's so stupid, his boss fires him.

Yet another theory is that Michael is involved in a torrid office affair with the bosses' secretary. When the boss decides he wants her for himself, he fires Michael. (This scenario has some steamy possibilities!)

Whether Michael is a champion of Justice uncovering a massive conspiracy, a comical boob bungling through life in the CIA or an office Valentino boinking his way out of a job, USA Network's Burn Notice sounds interesting!

Sounds better than watching CSI re-runs all summer!

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