The Hot Dog Stand

So its about a hundred degrees today and this guy shows up and orders two dogs, all around. Then he asks if he can take pictures of my truck.

I ask, "Why?"

He says his name is Rich and he loves hot dogs. He saw my blog online and decided to stop by. This guy has a blog called The Hot Dog Stand and he is beginning a quest to find out of the way "joints" like mine and showcase them on his site.

He told me he's got over 200 places on his list to visit and I was one of the first!

So if you want a third party opinion on the dogs at the Hot Dog Truck, check out the review he wrote about my dogs!

Don't laugh at my picture, I was squinting in the sunlight!

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Rhea said...

You're even more famous now!

Webmiztris said...

very cool!

Political Realm said...

That's awesome.

Hot Dawg said...

Next time I come over we'll get a better photo! One without the sun in your eyes.

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