Achillie's Last Stand

Presence was a GREAT ALBUM (remember albums?)

I love Bonham's FEROCITY on the drums in this clip....

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MXI said...

Okay, so I haven't been here in a month...and nothing changed, you're still hawking the "tip jar" which I believe nobody is actually winning and prostituting yourself to the PPP. What happened,you used to be cool!

Okay, cool was a stretch.

(get rid of word verification, you know how hard that is after you been drinking?)

hotdogman said...

Actually, I'm going to have to do away with the tip jar, nobody's entering the friggin contest!

As for PPP, I know it pisses some folks off, but my trip to Amsterdam with my PPP and adsense money will take the edge off being "un-cool."

At least I still write in my blog!

MXI said...

"At least I still write in my blog!"

Okay, that hurt!

Coming Soon!

Danny and Roxy : said...

Wow, thanks for posting this and turning me on to this performance. I've never heard the song before. What a coincidence, must be something floating in the air, I posted some Led on my blog on July 14.
Thanks, Danny at and

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