Jeff is in the Money

Frequent visitors know about Jeff from Horizon Technology. He eats at my truck four days a week as a rule. I never see him on Fridays-he must hit the salad bar on Fridays. Jeff always tries to be an amateur maitre'd for patrons who arrive while he questions me about the various uses for duct tape in home repairs.

A guy at the "home office" in Lake Forest has been making goofy pics of Jeff on dollar bills. FYI, home office guy, THIS is how it's done!

You can make your own money HERE.

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1 comment:

ODB said...

"Sox Dog Man" - You are a cult hero at Horizon West Coast.

Did Benji tell you his real name is Jeff Gerber?

He was adopted at the age of 35 by JG.

Ask him who is daddy is?


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