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Castle Hoppin' in the UK

I've been to London before, in fact I've travelled throughout Europe. The coolest thing about Europe is the old-sometimes even ancient architecture. I have always loved castles and I made it a point to visit as many as possible when I was there.

London was the "easiest" city to visit since there was no language barrier, although I did have a bit of a rough time deciphering directions from a fellow with a thick cockney accent! Since my wife is British, travel to the UK is highly probable in the future. When we go, I'd like to get out in the countryside and see some castles.

Both my wife and I have discussed an extended stay in the UK which would include visits to Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as England.

Edinburgh Castle in Scotland is built on an inactive volcano and is on my list as it's the classic medieval castle on a hill; it looks like it was carved right out of the mountainside. There are hotels in Edinburgh within walking distance of the castle.

About halfway from Edinburgh to Glasgow is Stirling Castle, another medieval classic. If you liked the movie Braveheart, this castle is near one of the battles depicted in the movie. You can spend the day exploring the castle and its grounds before you head on over to your hotel in Glasgow.

On to Wales where Cardiff Castle in the center of Wale's capital city cuts an impressive image.

Another nearby marvel is Caernarfon Castle which was at one time a mini walled in town.

Both these beauties can be easily reached from any number of hotels in Cardiff.

There are also a ton of lesser known castles that are too numerous to mention here, not to mention the fact I didn't touch on Ireland! I can't wait to go castle hoppin' in the UK!

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1 comment:

jay said...

hey cardiff castle is just down the road from me, it's peculiar because although built on an ancient site some of which dates back to Roman times, the castle that you see is relatively modern being built about 100 years ago...
The rest of them are the real deal...

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