Copter Law

A guy I coached with once is in the helicopter and aviation industry. He sells computer safety equipment to people and companies that own and operate helicopters. He's also a helicopter pilot.

I flew a helicopter to the bottom of the Grand Canyon a few years ago. It was an intense experience. I don't really like flying, so I was apprehensive. It was such a smooth ride and I was totally distracted by the natural spectacle of the Grand Canyon; I'd fly in one again.

The bad thing is, helicopters crash, a LOT more than airplanes. Now if I was in a helicopter that was going down, I'd be putting my head between my legs and kissing my ass goodbye! The last thing I'd be thinking about is an aviation lawyer!

The good thing is many people survive helicopter crashes. Survivors, once they get over their injuries, get the All American opportunity to sue someone to compensate them for their harm! THAT is when you need an aviation lawyer.

One bit of advice: If you are going to take a helicopter flight, don't go to! The incredibly detailed information and statistics will scare the crap out of you! If you've been in a helicopter crash, you might want to give them a look. Any lawyer with a slick website and a social networking marketing budget is probably pretty good at his job!

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