Get the Glengary Leads

In one of my favorite movies of all time, Glengary Glen Ross, a movie about a bunch of hard luck salesmen, they keep talking about "the Glengary leads" as their deliverance from their respective sales slumps. Good leads are very important in sales: you need to be able to talk to qualified prospects to maximize the efficiency of your sales activities.

Good leads (ie: people who want and/or need your product and can afford to pay for it) and good lead management are paramount to being successful in sales. A good CRM software program can help manage leads and even sell them.

Like the guys in the movie, many sales people buy leads. We used to buy them all the time in the mortgage business. The fewer times the lead had been sold before, the more expensive they were. On the whole, the leads were worthwhile as they were well qualified for what we were offering. AIM CRM software can actually be configured to sell leads. Sales people or companies with an abundance of leads can make money on their excess leads. Some people actually build entire businesses on the collection and sale of sales leads.

While most people using a lead management system will just use it for their own leads, it is nice to know your CRM program has the capabilities of managing all types of reports and scenarios.

Maybe if the guys in Glengary Glen Ross had a better system for lead management, they wouldn't have been so pathetic.

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