Help me steal $48 Million!

A tremendously profitable opportunity came into my email box today! A gentleman has offered to share $48 million with me! Here's his email:

From: Mr. William Soo
Seoul,South Korea.

I will introduce myself I am Mr.William Soo a Banker working in a bank in south Korea Until now I am the account officer to most of the south Korea government accounts and I have since discovered that most of the account are dormant account with alot of money in the account on further investigation I found out that one particular account belong to the former president of south Korean MR PARK CHUNG HEE,who ruled south Korean from 1963-1979 and this particular account has a deposit of $48m with no next of kin.

My proposal is that since I am the account officer and the money or the account is dormant and there is no next of kin obviously the account owner the former president of South Korea has died long time ago, that you should provide an account for the money to be transferred.
The money that is floating in the bank right now is $48m and this is what I want to transfer to your account for our mutual benefit.

Please if this is okay by you I will advice that you contact me through my direct email address.
Please this transaction should be kept confidential. For your assistance as the account owner we shall share the money on equal basis.

Your reply will be appreciated.

Thank you.

William Soo


1. Mr. Soo likes run-on sentences. The first paragraph of his letter left me positively breathless!

2. MR. PARK CHUNG HEE (spelled Park Chung-hee) ruled South Korea from 1961-1979 (not 1963-1979 as Mr. Soo states).

3. Mr. Park Chung-hee has a daughter-presumably his next of kin- who is very much alive.

4. Obviously any dormant funds left in a South Korean leader's bank account should be shared with a Hot Dog Man in Massachusetts, so I can see why Mr. Soo contacted me post haste!

5. What bank does Mr. Soo work for anyway?

6. When entering into international bank fraud schemes, I usually like to have a few more details on my co-conspirators than a proxy email address!

I'm not sure who is more stupid, the person who would get sucked into whatever it is Mr. Soo is up to or Mr. Soo himself for actually believing there are people stupid enough to fall for this line of BS!

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Josh said...

i like you hot dog man. good show.

Rudi said...

I get those scams in my mailbox on a daily basis. Together with lottery scams. They're all over. And it's not getting any better. sigh...

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