Insure Yourself

Everybody needs insurance at one time or another. Heck, in Massachusetts if you don't have car insurance, they'll haul your sorry butt to court and fine you $500! If you own a home, you need home owner's insurance or the bank won't write you a loan. I guess life insurance is a responsible thing to do for folks with families, even if you have to die to make it a worthwhile purchase!

I, like most people probably, have had the opportunity to make a claim on my car insurance policy. Back in the spring, I broke the rear window glass of my Suburban with an errant throw. Since I have the glass coverage on my car insurance, one phone call took care of the claim and the repair!

When buying insurance, make sure you go with a solvent company that has simple claims and conduct yourself in a manner that you won't need it, especially the life insurance!

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