J.D. Drew, in case you don't know, is the right fielder for the Boston Red Sox. He will make $14 million a year for the next five years. He was coveted by Boston General Manager Theo Epstein for some bizarre reason, probably because Theo values on base percentage guys and J.D. Drew has a good career OBP.

One problem though: J.D. Drew SUCKS. He seems to have no heart and he certainly has no bat. Almost 50% of his at bats result in weak ground balls to the right side. When he gets up to the plate with men on base in a key situation, he tries to work the walk. He has had many key go ahead runs on base and not taken the bat off his shoulder! YOU HAVE TO PUT THE BALL IN PLAY J.D!

I don't know if he will cease to suck in the future, but for now HE REALLY SUCKS! He'd look good in a Yankees uniform (they suck too).

Please take my "How much does J.D. Drew Suck" poll.

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Anonymous said...

Just watched him hit a weak ground ball to the ss in Baltmore. Grounded into a dbl play to retire the side with the bases loaded in a game tied 6-6. I knew he was gong to do it before he did it. I hate him. I really do.

Next inning, Coco beats out a weak chopper to get to 1st, then steals second, and Tek (pinch hitting) sends him home. That's how its done, JD, hope you were paying attention. Dick.

Anonymous said...

I would pay $70 million just to get Drew out of the lineup.

hotdogman said...

Drew UN sucked in September and the playoffs.

I'll be all over him next season though if he doesn't stop with the weak grounders to second!

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