Business VOIP

It used to be if you wanted aPBX Phone System for your business, you needed to get a couple of T-1s and invest tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment. Larger companies have staff in place just to deal with the phone system.

Now with the enhancements and advances in VOIP (Voice over Internet protocol) services, businesses don't necessarily need to spend huge amounts of dollars on a PBX Phone System. Packet8 offers a hosted "virtual" PBX Phone System with all the functionality of the old school phone systems at a fraction of the cost. Whether you need a PBX Phone System for a small business or a large call center (or anything in between), Packet8 can supply your business with a feature rich PBX Phone System that will be easy to install and get running, will grow with your business, will support multiple locations and won't require a separate room in your office for equipment.

The service plans include monthly or yearly fixed rates with unlimited calling and the ability to add extensions nearly instantly. All the services offered by Packet8 are video phone compatible as well.

If I had Hot Dog Trucks all over the world, I could communicate between locations without incurring additional costs and I could use the video phones to make sure my locations were putting their dogs together correctly!

The scalability of their plans, the virtual PBX Phone System, and the advantages that come with fixed costs make Packet8's offerings an excellent voice solution for businesses of any size. Check out Packet8 today

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