I want to go on another cruise soon. Cruising is my favorite kind of vacation. Everything you need is right at your feet yet you're in a different place every other day. I've cruised to Bermuda a few times and I really want to try some other destinations.

The best way to cruise on short money is to try to book a last minute deal. If you can book a last minute cruise, you get much more bang for the buck; you can save 50-60% or more on the total package price.

Unfortunately, with five kids, such last minute planning is often impossible. This is why it is important to find the best deals on cruises by doing your homework. Oftentimes if you book "off peak" times of the year for your destination, you can save money. You can also save on a cruise by taking a lesser stateroom. I've found that other than sleeping and showering, I've spent very little time in my stateroom, so why drop the extra bucks for a fancy one?

We really want to cruise Hawaii someday. I am hoping we can get a good deal so we can go sooner than later! We'll probably look at booking a cruise through Holiday Hypermarket since they have last minute deals AND great discount pricing on every cruise in their itinerary! Their flight and hotel prices are a good value too.

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