Heart Healthy Clothing

If you're looking into serious exercise (to work off all those yummy hot dogs you've been eating), you should always consult a Doctor first and take it slow when you first begin your new exercise program. The most important goal should be to get a good sweat going without dramatically increasing your heart rate. A good heart rate monitor is an essential component to a successful exercise program.

Now there's a functional and fashionable way to wear a heart rate monitor; you can actually purchase clothing with a heart rate monitor built right in! Whether you're a guy who wants a tee shirt or tank top or you're a gal who wants a tee shirt, tank top or sports bra, you can get one with a built in heart rate monitor.

There are five reasons you should use a heart rate training while exercising:

1. Improve your health-hey exercise improves health and a heart rate monitor helps you exercise.

2. Lose weight- A heart rate monitor can tell you if you are exercising hard enough –or too hard– to burn stored fat.

3. Make the Most of Your Limited Exercise Time- a heart rate monitor lets you know that you are getting a good workout.

4. Exercise Safely- nobody wants to drop dead while exercising, a heart rate monitor will let you know if you're overdoing it.

5. Be Your Own Coach- a heart rate monitor helps you push yourself (safely) to your limits.

6. The clothes with the built in heart rate monitor look cool! (OK, I added that last one).

If you'd like to know more about clothing with a built in heart rate monitor or if you want to buy some, check out NuMetrex.Com.

You can also watch this video to learn more:


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