Last week our kids had no school Thursday and Friday due to the Jewish Holidays. Our school system figures if roughly a third of the students aren't going to be in school, then what's the point. This created an opportunity for two of the kids to come and "help" me at The Hot Dog Truck. I let them keep everything in the Hot Dog Truck Operator's Relief Fund for the day.

Thursday saw my 13 year old son as my helper. I had him carry a ton of trash to the dumpster while I got set up for the day. Once we opened, I grilled the buns and dressed the dogs while he took the money. It always scares me to have the kids take the money-I watch like a hawk out of the corner of my eye- but the responsibility and "real world" application of MATH is good for their development. It was busy Thursday and my son took home over 30 bucks for his efforts. He ate 4 hot dogs, a bag of chips and a pack of cookies. He also drank enough soda to flood a small basement.

Friday saw one of the 10 year old girls helping me. She also carried trash while I set up. She does a nice job with the money but she likes to bounce in the truck, so I end up with motion sickness by the end of the lunch rush. She put away two hot dogs and an Italian Sausage. I lost count of how many bags of chips she ate. Friday was just an average day, so she only went home with 20 bucks. Didn't her older brother let her know-repeatedly- that he made more than her.

I like having helpers, but I'm glad they're not there every day! My customers seem to tip the kids more though, so maybe I ought to bring them more often-just to get folks in the tipping habit.

After all Tipping is NOT a city in China.

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