Outta Dogs

Today was a first in the three year history of the Hot Dog Truck. I actually ran out of hot dogs!

What a disaster! Today was the day I get my dogs and other provisions delivered and the guy was running a bit late. I usually pick up 10 pounds of dogs at BJ's on delivery days for just such an emergency, but they got cleaned out over the long weekend so I was S.O.L.

A while back I said the number one stupid question asked at the Hot Dog Truck was "do you have any hot dogs?" It wasn't so stupid today!

Word of the hot dog outage ran quickly through BOSE as it was a large crowd from this company that polished off the last of the dogs. Luckily some other BOSE guys were still there when the truck pulled up and were able to send the "dogs on" alert through the company. I was dogless for a total of about fifteen minutes. Some folks ordered something else during the outage and a couple of guys actually waited 15 minutes for their dogs. What dedication!

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1 comment:

SandyCarlson said...

Let's hear it for the guys who waited! Nice to know there are discriminating and loyal eaters out there.

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