Purple Party

A while back, I wrote about the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk. It's an event to help raise over $1 million on World Alzheimer's Day and to help bring awareness to the devastating effect this disease can have on people.

If walking is not your thing, there are plenty of other ways to help the Alzheimer's Association raise funds. A fun way is to host a Purple Party. A Purple Party can be many things. A lot of folks have a dinner party and educate their guests about Alzheimer's Disease and simply ask for a donation. You can get creative though. My favorite idea is to have a Poker Party and split the pots between the winner and the Alzheimer's Association. If you raise over $150 with your party, you'll get a free party kit!

Anyone who decides to host a party will also get their own Alzheimer's Association web page. Donations may be taken via the website too. Everyone should get their Purple Party going soon; if you don't have the time or energy you could always just make a donation. It's important to get all the funds in before the end of September. The Harrah's Foundation has generously agreed to MATCH all donations made in September! That means if the Alzheimer's Association reaches their goal of $1 million, the actual donation will be $2 million!

So get off your butts and PARTY! Purple Party that is.

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