Rodeo in Houston

A friend of mine wants me to go to Houston and visit him next spring. I've only passed through Houston, never stopped there. My friend has been there ten years or so and was lucky enough to attend the Patriots Super Bowl a few years back.

While he's no fan of the Houston Texans football team (still a loyal Pats fan), he's become quite a fan of the rodeo. Every spring they have a big hoo doo at Reliant Stadium called the Houston Rodeo. I've never been to a rodeo and neither had my friend when he moved there. He's a big rodeo fan now and swears I'd love it.

Each Rodeo performance is followed by a concert. The bands play on a rotating stage so everyone gets a good look at the performance. I guess these rodeo concerts are the hot ticket in town every March and my buddy wants me to commit to going out there soon so he can get us Houston Rodeo concert tickets before they sell out.

I'm definitely willing to check out the rodeo, but I don't want to get stuck with a country music concert. I guess they have all genres of music so the concert schedule is going to determine when I visit. Aint no way this hot dog cowboy is going to sit through two and a half hours of Reba MacIntyre! I don't think my buddy could stomach that either-I wonder if the Allman Brothers play the Houston Rodeo?

I hope there are good shows in early March as later in March the Hot Dog Truck starts to get busy for the season and we gear up for baseball. Whether I go to the Houston Rodeo or not, I'd like to visit.

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1 comment:

Fan of Rodeo! said...

OH, hotdogman you don't know what you've been missing! The concerts are great, but the rodeo is amazing! Here's a little preview of all the events. Have a great time!

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