Scratch Tickets

I stop for a cup of coffee at the corner convenience store on my way to The Hot Dog Truck every morning. They have this yummy French Vanilla Cappuccino that is to die for. I simply can't start my day without one.

It should be a quick stop, but it never is. I fill my cup, get a lid and step up to the counter.

I always get behind someone who is buying and/or cashing in (Massachusetts State Lottery) scratch tickets. These people have three or four winners each day and they spend their winnings, plus another 20 bucks on additional tickets. EVERY DAY. These transactions usually take a few minutes as they peruse the fifty plus choices of scratch tickets behind the counter while boasting to the store owner that they "only lost" a few bucks yesterday. It seems ridiculous to me.

Don't they know the only one who ever wins those things is the dumb schmuck who buys one ticket every 6 months for kicks? What cheeses me off is their gambling habit is depriving me of my coffee and I NEED MY COFFEE in the morning. I think they should just set up a blackjack table in the back room of the convenience store to keep these folks from clogging up the line in the morning. I might even stay for a few hands.....

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