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Summer in the Fall

The Boston area has been experiencing spectacular summer weather during the first week of Fall. It's been in the 80's and gloriously sunny for the past week.

This always bodes well for the Hot Dog Truck. Sunshine and hot dogs go together like mustard, relish and onions.

It has been a record week.

Nobody in the office parks is on vacation. The school buses are rolling. The mommies don't have the school kids during lunch. The pool guys and landscapers are still working hard. The regulars still come and buy an extra soda on a hot day. All these things mean it is very busy. My "rush" has been lasting two solid hours each day this week with the largest amount of people in line being 25 (Wednesday).

Next week sees a continuation of this weather and hopefully similarly busy days at the Hot Dog Truck.

Make hay while the sun is shining, as the saying goes!

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1 comment:

AntiBarbie said...

It has been really wondrously warm for Fall. I hope it stays this way for a little while longer! My kids are loving it.

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