That Toddlin' Town

I had a cup of coffee with AT&T back in the internet boom. I was hired and flown to Chicago for a week of training. I'll never forget the trip, it was in March and it was sunny and sixty degrees all week in Chicago and Boston got 3 feet of snow! Alas, six weeks after the training was complete, AT&T killed the program my group was being hired for and I was out of work!

I had a nice time in Chicago though. A group of us went out to dinner every night and we did some carousing in the city. Every day I'd take a few walks around the State Street area where our hotel was located.

Whenever I'm in a new city, I check out the real estate for sale and apartments for rent. Since we usually had a few hours to kill, I picked up a Chicago apartment finders "freebie" magazine in the hotel lobby and looked for apartments in Chicago, IL. I even went into a Chicago Property Management Company office in a nearby high rise and got a quick tour of some swanky lake view apartments.

On another tour through the neighborhood, I stopped at a Chicago Condo Management office and posed as a would-be condo buyer. I got a tour of a few really cool condos. A few of us from the training class ended up partying with the real estate sales lady and some of her friends one night. We kept up the ruse of me wanting to buy a condo through the whole night. She called and emailed me for about six months after that with new listings!

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