This is Boston, NOT LA!!!

One of my college roommates was a hardcore punk. Does anyone remember hardcore punks? He was a good kid, I think he enjoyed shocking people more than anything else. I used to get a kick out of the hardcore clubs I'd sample occaisionally with him "back in the day." The whole scene was basically high energy. I kinda liked it.

I remember he had a record by some band from Boston that had a song with the lyrics:

"This is BOSTON, NOT LA!
This is BOSTON, F__ LA!"
I loved that one, especially since the Celtics had a HUGE rivalry with the Lakers-this was the Bird/ Parrish/ McHale days.

We hated LA then.

LA aint bad though, albeit a bit on the superficial side. My brother has a buddy who is a Hollywood Producer. We goof on him all the time when he's around-"Hey Hollywood, too cool for this party or what." I was merciless with this guy at my brother's wedding a few years ago. I have visited LA a few times and have "done the scene" back in the day. In the eighties there was no way I was Going Home Alone after an evening of Hollywood parties and night clubbing.

The LA scene was NOT like my roomie's hardcore punk scene, but it was equally entertaining!

My philosophy has always been: the party doesn't begin until I say so!

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