Yeah, Its a Wedding Dress

Theo Epstein, the General Manager of the Boston Red Sox got married last year. He tricked the Boston media by having his father release that he and his bride were to be married in New York with the reception at the original Nathan's Hot Dog Stand in Coney Island. They bought it!
I am sure Theo's bride wore some sort of wedding dress. All women want to wear new wedding dresses and save it for their daughters. Of course when presented with the idea of wearing mom's dress, most daughters scoff and say "THAT old thing?!"

Which leaves dad holding the tab for a new wedding dress.

As for the dress in the picture, my wife likes this one. It's made by Bonny and it has shirred bodice down the front, trimmed with embroidered beaded lace. Spaghetti straps crisscross down the back into the shirred bodice trimmed with buttons. The trumpet skirt is plain with a chapel train. This dress costs 400 bucks. Not bad considering I've heard of wedding dresses that cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! As a father of four daughters, the $400 option seems like a bargain.

Looks good to me, I guess. I never got why women felt the need to drag an expensive piece of material that will cost a hundred bucks to clean and store until their daughter wants to scoff at it across the floor for 8-10 hours of wedding hoopla. Wouldn't a simple skirt type deal like this one suffice? I'm into simple.

And cheap! This one, also by Bonny is only $286!
I like it even more now! This style is probably a little easier for the groom to deal with on the wedding night too, if you get my drift! While shopping for wedding dresses is a woman's domain, dad usually writes the check so its best to present a daughter with value pricing for their selection of wedding dresses!

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