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10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day at the Hot Dog Truck

We haven't had much rain this year, at least not since April, until today. I began writing this post back in April, but it got forgotten since it didn't rain much. Since it rained today, I decided to complete it.

Here it is:

Well today was a crappy weather day! Things looked good until it started raining/snowing (yes SNOW IN APRIL) around 10:30, then it died. Besides agonizing about non-realized income and whether or not to cancel Little League practice tonight, there are many ways to pass the time.

Here are the top 10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day at the Hot Dog Truck:

10. Play TETRIS on my cell phone (high score 194,816!)

9. Re-arrange the buckets catching water that drips through the skylights

8. Count the hot dogs

7. Think of things to write for the Hot Dog Truck

6. Inventory the straws

5. Call my wife every ten minutes and say "whatcha doin" then say "sorry gotta go." This drives her nuts.

4. Call Little League team to cancel practice.

3. Rehearse my acceptance speech to the "Hot Dog Hall of Fame."

2. Wonder if it would be too lame for a 43 year old to go to the Van Halen reunion concert.

1. Restrain self from bitch slapping the next person who asks "Busy today?"

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