BB Guns are Fun

In the days before video games, kids actually had to go outside and play. I still make my kids play outside and don't allow TV or video games during the week.

But I digress.

In, as my kids like to call it, "the olden days," we had to amuse ourselves without the benefit of Nintendo, Playstation or Cable TV. The BB gun was a toy that amused us for hours. We'd shoot cans, apples even the occasional squirrel (rats with bushy tails).

I still have a BB gun. I still shoot at the squirrels too, especially when they're at the bird feeder. I've let my son play with the BB gun outside and he's received proper training on safety. I think it's a good toy for teaching responsibility to kids.

I have a classic Red Ryder BB gun by Daisy. AirgunDepot is a great place to buy BB guns and other airguns-even paintball guns.

If you're thinking of putting a classic Red Ryder under the Christmas tree for a special kid this Christmas, check out AirgunDepot for great selection and prices.

Just don't tell the kid "you'll put your eye out!"

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