Christmas Coupons

We're starting to think about Christmas shopping as we watch the sales and start seeking out online coupons for items we might purchase. I also start pumping the kids for what they might want at Christmas, that way if I see a good deal on something, I can snatch it up.

My wife really wants her own digital camera, my 10 year olds are yearning for cell phones and my 14 year old has her heart set on a lap top. I'll be looking to get some Best Buy coupons and good Dell deals.

My son has been "hinting" about new catcher's equipment since last season. (Hinting to a thirteen year old is having him ask "hey dad, can you buy me some new catcher's gear for Christmas?"). I'm searching for a good Sports Authority coupon or maybe a Dick's Sporting Goods coupon.

The dog will get something from the butcher shop, they don't "do" coupons.

I've found online coupons a great way to save a few bucks on stuff I'd be buying anyway. After all, who doesn't like getting a good deal?

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