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My youngest's birthday is TODAY-Halloween. Less than an hour ago, we had the family over for cake and ice cream. My wife, as usual, went nuts with the party decorations. She gets all that stuff from the Oriental Trading Company. That's a site that has all kinds of party supplies, novelties and other assorted goofy stuff. She buys a lot of stuff from that site for the folks in her office, kids on her team and for the house. She always makes sure she uses her oriental trading coupons so she can save money when she shops.

She gets coupon codes (that's the online version of a coupon) from Coupon Kathy, a website with tons of coupon codes for online merchants.

They always have coupons for, I like that. I've been getting a few new domain names and I can get a coupon that gets me a domain name registered for only $1.99, that's a lot cheaper than the 9 bucks they usually charge.

Since I am a cheap bastard of monumental proportions, I love coupons. Why not spend an extra five minutes looking for a code that will save me 10, 15, 30 or even 50 percent off my purchase price? IT'S A NO-BRAINER!

Coupon Kathy even has coupons for FTD, the flower delivery people. Why not save 10% when buying those flowers? You're going to buy them anyway (at least you better).

My wife's favorite store is Target (pronounced TAR JAY) and she gobbles up the Target coupons like they're going out of style. Why we need another towel rack is another story, but at least she got some money off the price!

I know most men cringe when their wife says "guess how much I saved?" It's a natural reaction. At least with coupon codes from Coupon Kathy, you'll be guessing right.

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