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Florida Vacation Homes

Where does the MVP of the Super Bowl go to every year? DISNEYWORLD! Every kid, heck every adult, LOVES DISNEYWORLD. I'll be heading there in a few more years with my youngest. For a while there, we were heading there every year for vacation. The kids love it.

There's lots of other cool stuff in Orlando too. It's a schlocky vacation paradise. I wish we'd purchased a condo or villa in Orlando ten years ago. The appreciation on the home and any rental income we realized would have paid for all those vacations. As we get on in years, we're getting more concerned with investments and my wife wants to invest in Real Estate.

Orlando is a vibrant community with lots of economic opportunities for Real Estate investors. The folks at Bardell Real Estate in Orlando specialize in Florida villa sales. They can hook us up with a Florida vacation home that would be a solid investment.

Orlando continues to grow at a rapid pace, so investing in Real Estate there is a fairly safe bet.

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