Funny Tee Shirt

I Stumbled on this picture here. I have been really getting into Stumble Upon lately and I occaissionally come accross gems like this one.

I remember when we were in Europe and we were driving through the Alps from Switzerland to Italy. We went through Swiss customs and everything was very formal. The customs officers were in full dress uniforms and checked all passports. They were officious and polite and very "by the book."

About two miles down the road, we came to Italian customs. The customs guy had his shirt unbuttoned, his Uzi over his shoulder, cigarette dangling from his lips, one arm around a very attractive girl and a bottle of wine in his other hand. His counterpart just waved us (and everyone else) through. Quite a contrast!

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SandyCarlson said...

A Swiss lover....better to stick him on a rye sandwich with mustard and ham.

hotdogman said...

My wife prefers a "large italian!"

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