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Garage Storage

When I moved into my first house, I parked my 1987 Lincoln LSC Mark VII (my favorite car I ever owned) in the garage and announced "I have a garage" to all my moving helpers.

My father came up to me, leaned his head in the open window and said, "enjoy it now, today is the last day this car will ever fit in this garage."

He was right. Two homes later and I have never been able to park my car in the garage. The garage is the place where the gardening tools, bikes, outdoor toys, lawn furniture, spare lumber and everything that needs to go somewhere "for now" is stored.

Its a bloody mess. It would take several days and some quality garage storage components to straighten the place up. Every other part of my home is organized with appropriate storage but garage storage is a completely foreign concept.

I think I need the guys from to hook me up with some new garage storage items so I can get my car into its natural home!

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Allyn Paul said...

I have this same problem but conveniently blame it on the wife because she opted out of the 3-car garage in favor of a whirpool tub in the bathroom (that she never uses!).
In short, my lack of garage space is her fault, not mine! LOL
PS--like the blog.

hotdogman said...

If your wife is anything like mine, you can probably lay blame to all sorts of clutter on her.

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