Greeting Cards Scholarship Contest

Everyone knows I like to make a buck. I came across a great way for high school or college kids to make a few bucks, $10,000 to be exact, for college.

We've all probably opened a greeting card and thought "hey, I could write this stuff." Now is the chance to do it and WIN A $10,000 scholarship!

Gallery Greeting Cards, the folks who print business Christmas cards (the ones you get from your Realtor, your insurance company etc. at Christmas time) are having their first annual greeting cards scholarship contest. All you need to do is design a business Christmas card. The contest is open to high school and college students over age 14 who are legal US residents. Sorry, no entries from Maine accepted-Maine always gets the shaft! The entries can contain original drawings or photos and text. A creative, witty would be college scholar can get an extra ten grand for school if they win!

I used to send out hundreds of business Christmas cards when I was in the mortgage business. Each broker had a budget for the cards and the postage and we were REQUIRED to send cards. We'd spend the better part of a day getting our mailings together. We'd even pay the office admin a few bucks to sign them for us. I believe my company ordered our cards through the Gallery Collection. Little did I know that my kids could get money for college from the same company!

If you are a kid (or have a kid) over 14 and college is in the future, you should check out the greeting cards scholarship contest and give it a whirl. You have nothing to lose and $10,000 for college to gain.

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