I hate the Dentist, but I love Discount Dental Plans

The dentist has always frightened me. I just don't like getting drilled and poked and scraped. That is why I take good care of my teeth, so I can spend as little amount of time as possible "in the chair."

Dentistry can get expensive too. Some folks have dental insurance, but discount dental plans are gaining popularity. The reason is many folks can't justify the expense and hassle of having dental insurance. If I didn't have a family, I'd LOSE MONEY on our dental insurance because I just don't have anything wrong with my teeth and I haven't had a cavity since I was 12.

If something were to go wrong, having a discount dental plan would be a good cushion. I'd save up to 60% on regular procedures and discounts on specialty procedures too. Of course if everyone flossed their teeth like I do, dentists would go out of business!

Seriously, discount dental plans can be a good thing. Part of the challenge is finding the right plan. Dentalplans.com lets you find discount dental plans that are available in your area (you can even check to see if your dentist honors a particular plan), it lets you compare plans on an easy to use chart and you can join right on the sight.

Many discount dental plans cost less than a hundred bucks a year. The money you'd save on one procedure would pay for the plan and then some.

So if your without dental insurance or aren't sure if you are getting the best bang for your buck out of your dental insurance, you should look at the choices discount dental plans could offer you.

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